Reading Ruby Oct 22

I just had a conversation with a nonprogrammer coworker about a problem in our application. He sent values into an action on our site, and it didn’t return what he expected. The problem was he sent in incorrect values. So, I went to my code and pasted the following code snippet to him:

 when 9,10,11,12 then "Still in High School/ No Degree" 
 when 13 then "EDLV1"
 when 14 then "EDLV2"
 when 15 then "EDLV3"
 when 16 then "EDLV4"
 when 17,18 then "EDLV5"
 when 19,20 then "EDLV6"
 when 21 then "EDLV7"

Now, I normally give clarification to what’s going on with code, but in this case, it was obvious. He understood right away without any further explanation.

I love the readability of ruby!