Too Busy Being Distracted Jun 15

I think the number of applications I use everyday at work is minimal. I separate my mac into two different workspaces. One is mainly for development, where I have Textmate, Safari, Firefox, Cocoa MySQL (I haven’t updated to Sequel yet), and Terminal. In Firefox, I have a tab open for my work email (via GMail), and a tab open for Redmine, our project management tool. In my second space, I have another Safari window, Tweetie, iChat (all conversation windows are here), and iTunes. I have my personal email opened up in Safari in this space, with tabs for Ars and BBC. Even with the separation of work and personal, I still hover my mouse over the dock (I use a hidden dock) to check to see if I have received new personal e-mail , new work e-mail, new tweets, new IM messages, and new personal e-mail that might have come since I last checked 5 seconds ago. Not to mention, I have two screens at work. One is a nice 24" Dell, and the other is my laptop screen.

Anyways, I recently tried something to reduce the distractions. I noticed that I get the most interruptions in the morning, but after lunch, it usually mellows out. Therefore, I started going into invisible mode on iChat. I turned off Tweetie’s notification icon in the menu bar. I closed the GMail tab for my work email. I didn’t close my personal email tab since I no longer switch to my second workspace to check iChat/Tweetie, and therefore, it was no longer convenient to check my personal email. Finally, I switched to using only one monitor.

It worked! Yeah, I know. I’m a super genius. Who would have thought that removing your distractions would leave you less distracted?!

Anyways, being less connected is good. I was actually worried that turning off my work email might make me miss something, but in reality, if it was really important, someone usually comes to me to talk about it. Being invisible on iChat means that instead of simply messaging me via IM, they’d have to call out my name, walk over to talk to me, or send me an email. As for Twitter, well, nothing really important happens on my Twitter that needs my immediate attention, so I just read the tweets in chunks before and after work.

All is well in the world of Paydro!