Time Limits Mar 25

I while ago, I started to build my own personal finance app since I really wasn’t feeling any of the free ones out there — although I will admit, Mint.com was extremely nice. I spend around five to eight hours a week on it outside of work. It’s slow, but it forces me to get something useful running at the end of those sessions. I have my app running now, and I’m already reducing my expenses due to it. It’s all gravy.

These past two days though, I gave myself much more time than I would normally so that I could build a budgeting feature. I worked late both nights, and made a lot of headway into the feature. I found, though, that working late both nights was less productive than my other sessions. On the app itself, I have a lot of functionality built, but I also spent a lot of time worrying about details that weren’t important. My creativity was mediocre at best, and it felt like I forced myself into coding. In a normal week, I would gather ideas and features throughout the week. I would have time to dwell on certain working functionality and design which then helped when I would actually code. I didn’t have that these past two days — granted, the first few hours two nights ago were fantastic, but the pace slowed after that.

I definitely wont be doing this again. I should have embraced the time constraint, since it yielded better creativity and productivity.