Internet Explorer 8 Is Out! Mar 19

Sweet jeebus, programming for Windows users will no longer make me want to kill myself! Internet Explorer 8 is finally live! I’m extremely happy about this, and I hope that all web developers push windows IE6/7 users to upgrade. I did a little test driving on my Windows machine tonight, and it’s very nice. I’m not switching to IE (for a host of other reasons), but viewing sites between Safari, Firefox, and IE 8 showed extremely similar results. Something that was not always the case with IE’s predecessors.

The icing on the cake, though, is the Developer Toolbar which is a clone of Firefox’s Firebug. Web development without Firebug made me want to shoot myself, so I’m totally stoked that this is now in IE (I use Firebug Lite for Safari when I need it). The developer tool also allows you to switch between different rendering modes. Since pages built in IE7 would break for IE8, it’s nice to go back to pages built for IE7 to see if it broke in one browser.

Life is good. Let’s hope everyone upgrades to IE8!