Mice Jan 25

I decided during mid November in 2008 that I should get something living and bought two mice. I bought a black one and a brown one, named Bubbles and Pip, respectively. Both are female, since I didn’t want them to have babies.

One week later, after filling their food bowl, I noticed that Bubbles is devouring the food. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but the next day I refilled their food, and noticed that Bubbles was gaining some weight. A few days later, her stomach was still very large. My girlfriend jokingly says that Bubbles is pregnant, but obviously, with two female mice, it couldn’t be. Right?


Come the day after Thanksgiving, Bubbles is a mother with eight babies. EIGHT. I was totally shocked. This type of luck (or bad luck) only happens with me. I get the two female mice specifically so that they wont have babies, and now, I have ten. Great.

Anyways, I did some research and found out when I bought Bubbles, she was already two weeks pregnant. The last week of the pregnancy is where it’s physically visible on the body of the mice. Dude at the pet store gave me a PREGNANT MOUSE!

So … does anyone want some baby mice? I have four black ones that need some lovin’!