Referrer or Referer Dec 28

I just came across a weird consistency (inconsistency?) concerning the spelling of the word referrer for web programming.

For those not in the know, when you click on a link on a web page to go to another page, your browser will send a request with a bunch of information to retrieve the new page. In this request is a little piece of data called the referrer. The referrer is a url from where the request was made from. In other words, if you’re on page A and went to page B, the request to B will say you came from page A.

So while I was attempting to debug some code, I had to get the referrer for a request, and store the data. I noticed that in the library files of the code, it had spelled it referer (incorrectly). Apparently this misspelling of this word is so common that it is baked into the HTTP protocol. The majority of browsers and web servers out there use this misspelling as well.


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