Chillin' in Barcelona Nov 2

The last week has been tiring and busy, but let me tell you about Barcelona! I’d like to say that I had a huge blast and it was better than Valencia, but I guess my high had to come down eventually.

I didn’t do as much as I did in Barcelona as I did in Madrid and Valencia. It wasn’t adventurous. Valencia tore me down, so I had little any energy to interact with anyone at the hostel and I couldn’t be bothered for a city tour.

Instead, I took long walks every day. When I was tired, I sat down in a sunny area and watched people. It was relaxing. At one of my stops, I took this picture.

The picture was taken from a building with a mirror wall. The wall was angled down so that I could see myself. I’m in the center of the picture. Notice the two kids standing next to me? See where they’re placing their balloons? It was hilarious. This spot was popular for tourists like me to take a picture of themselves. For entertainment, these kids ran into every photo they could holding their penis balloons. I noticed them in my camera and continued to take the shot anyways. Classic.

The biggest thing I did was to see the Sagrada Familia. This building was a beast. This building began construction in 1882 and is scheduled for completion in 2026. Insane.

The building had two facades completed and were available for public consumption. Of the two facades, the nativity facade shown above was my favorite. It had an immense amount of detail. I stood at this facade for at least 30 minutes. It’s incredible. Here’s a few more shots.

Jesus was a carpenter.

The detail was amazing.

Not sure what was here, but looks neat!

Baby Jesus!

The other facade was called the passion facade. The figures on this facade were designed with blocky features. It was awesome.

This image was below the above image and towards the left of the facade.

This was taken on the right side of the facade, again below the first image of the passion facade above.

Jesus Christ tied up.

And from the back.

The inside of the building was just as beautiful as the outside.

I would show more, but all my other shots were horrible.

The building had a museum in the basement that had an awesome piece on how the ceiling was designed.

This image shows how the spires inside the building were designed. Attaching a string to different points on the ceiling with pouches of different weights on different points of the string simulated the shape and strength of the arches. The only problem was it was upside down. Here’s the same image but flipped.

See the arches now?

Finally, here’s an image detailing the completed parts of the building as well as the future enhancements.

After soaking in some sun and taking long walks, I booked a ferry from Barcelona to Rome. I splurged and booked a cabin on the ferry! It was awesome. The ferry left at 12 am and arrived at Civitavecchia, the port city for Rome, at 7:30pm. 18 hours of ferry time fun.

I thought the ferry would be crowded, but it wasn’t. I saw roughly 50 people on board, and 45 of them were truck drivers. The boat also ferried vehicles, and since it’s the off season, there were more drivers than tourists. The boat even had a private room for truck drivers only. It was hilarious.

The boat had three decks of cabins and two decks of entertainment. The top deck, seen above had a pool, but the weather was too cold for swimming, so they put a net on the swimming pool. The other deck had a bar, a cafeteria for my self service meals, a coffee shop, a Ferrari merchandise shop, a gambling room, a restaurant, a kids play room, and a club. Fancy, fancy.

Anyways, I had booked the ferry online, and I ordered the self service meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately, I missed breakfast because I slept in, and they weren’t serving dinner since dinner time was at 8 pm and we docked at 7:30pm. Lame. I had the lunch though! It was mediocre. Lame.

That’s the end of my Barcelona trip. Here’s some more pictures!

To enter this cathedral, men must be wearing capris.

A cool dumpster. There’s a foot pedal to open the lid!

Awesome building.


Lion! Roar!