Boston, Clam Chowder, Pigs, and Road Rash Oct 17

I was in Boston last week to hang out with my friends before heading Madrid. I
didn’t want to fly all the way from the Bay Area and I haven’t seen my friends
Bhurin and Bonnibel for a while so this was a perfect stop.

The last time I was in Boston the weather was super cold and it was miserable.
This time around, the weather was fantastic! Sunny all day. Like last time, I
flew into Boston on a red eye flight. I’ve never flown with Virgin America so I shelled out some more money for the experience. After thinking about the flight, I really should have gone with a cheap airline. It’s a red eye flight and I didn’t want to experience anything but sleep. It didn’t work.

When I landed I thought I would be dead tired, but I wasn’t. I was ready to
cause some mayhem in Boston. It took an hour to get from the airport to Bhurin
and Bonnibel’s house. Once there, Bhurin made some awesome over-easy eggs. The
eggs were from Bonnibel’s farm. They were amazing. Here, take a look:

They taste as good as they look! I gulped some coffee and headed down to
Harvard Square for Ocktoberfest and the Honk parade. It was pretty fun. I had
an oyster and a bratwurst – two of my favorite of foods.

Oh, and here’s a big parade float for you.

And some monsters.

The next day was when the sleep deprivation would hit. I stayed in and
slept while Bonnibel prepared some pulled pork for the night’s potluck. She
cooked all day and I slept all day. Heavenly. Waking up to the smell of slow roasted pork in the oven is something I need to do everyday. The potluck went swimmingly.

I met Bhurin’s friends and found out one of them lives in San Francisco. She moved from New York to San Francisco in July or August. She told the rest of us how the weather was so awesome. I almost choked. I’ll admit, during September, there was some good weather, but San Francisco does NOT have good weather. I told her to wait a few months. She also has a loft in SOMA for a cheap price. It was 1,100 square feet with a patio and a parking spot. I was jealous. I was going to ask how much she was paying, but I just met her so I can’t be a complete ass just yet.

Afterwards, we cleaned up, we watched some old videos from college, we laughed, and passed out at 2am. I would like to say that we woke up leisurely, but instead we woke up at 6:30 am. We needed to get Bonnibel to the Farm School where she works. Luckily, Bonnibel had made some coffee. I hate coffee, but with only four and a half hours of sleep, it was great.

I would describe the Farm School and what it does, but I’m lazy, so here’s a link. Bonnie worked in the kitchen with the main chef. While Bonnie did her chores, Bhurin and I explored the farm. I haven’t been on a farm since I was in elementary school, and I don’t remember seeing so much manure. But, the farm is covered in it. Everything I touched had manure on it. I’ll save you from the details.

Outside of the manure, it was amazing! I saw pigs.

And cows.

And cats.

And dogs.

And sheep.

And kids!

Okay, the kids weren’t raised there. They were there on a field trip.

Also, meet Mookie. Mookie’s been kicked in the face by horses multiple times. He’s still going!

The number one reason I wanted to go to the farm was because we could eat food from the farm itself! For the dinner, I helped harvest some of the greens!

And the food was delicious! So I didn’t completely screw it up. Christina, Bonnibel’s boss, made all the food. We had shepherd’s pie. Both Bhurin and I had six to seven servings. I wanted to pass out with that much food in my stomach.

We drove back at night and prepared ourselves for the next day – the Blue Man show. I had access to see the Blue Man show from the band loft because Bhurin is a Blue Man. I’ve seen the show before, but this time around it was behind the scenes and which helped fill in the gaps of how the show worked. The musicians in the band loft – three of them – are extremely talented. Their drummer has been drumming for Blue Man for thirteen years. He was INSANE. I wish I could have taken a video of him playing because it would melt some faces. It was a pleasure to see them perform. If Blue Man didn’t have the band, they wouldn’t be Blue Man.

Anyways, before the Blue Man show, we went to eat some oysters and clam chowder. While biking down to Boston from Bhurin’s house, I decided to video tape Bhurin at the same time. I swear, it was a good idea at first. Bhurin came to a stop and I ate it. My camera was okay though! Oh, and I have some road rash on my elbow and hands. No broken bones or anything, so I was happy. Here’s the last few seconds of what the camera saw:

Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaaaaaaaa!

That was my Boston trip in a nutshell!

Here’s a few more shots I took in Boston and the farm:

One of the groups in the parade rode in on bikes.

One of my favorite desserts from Mike’s Pastries in Boston – the cannoli!

A Boston fire hydrant.

We rode around Boston with these bikes.

Nice picture of the barnyard.

The farm has a basketball court out back!

Bonnie lives in a yurt and this is her main source of heat.

Bhurin and Gus.

Get some power …

And lift off!


We played with fire and long exposures.